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Wolfram is the company where computation meets knowledge. A leader in scientific and technical innovation, Wolfram continues to build toward a future where sophisticated computation and knowledge-based programming are universally accessible. Combined, the new Wolfram Language, Wolfram Engine and Wolfram Cloud will make possible a computable model of the world—in essence, a global brain. Wolfram is the creator of Mathematica, the world’s foremost technical computing program; Wolfram|Alpha, the widely used computable knowledge engine; and Wolfram Notebooks, the ultimate environment for technical workflows combining literate programming and interactive publishing on desktop, web and mobile in one unified system. Computation. Knowledge. Content. Interaction. Infrastructure.

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The Latest from Our R&D Pipeline: Version 13.2 of Wolfram Language & Mathematica

Published Dec 14, 2022

Delivering from Our R&D Pipeline

In 2020 it was Versions 12.1 and 12.2; in 2021 Versions 12.3 and 13.0. In late June this year it was Version 13.1. And now we’re releasing Version 13.2. We continue to have a huge pipeline of R&D, some short term, some medium term, some long … »

Learn Algebra from the Ground Up with Wolfram Language

Published Dec 9, 2022

Algebra is an essential course for understanding nearly all mathematics at the high-school level and beyond. Whether you plan to calculate profits at a business, balance a chemical equation, write efficient computer code or even just figure out which weights to put on the bar at the gym, algebra is … »

Trees Continue to Grow 🌱🌳

Published Nov 30, 2022

Last year we released Version 13.0 of the Wolfram Language. Here are the updates in trees since then, including the latest features in 13.1.   Trees Continue to Grow 🌱🌳 In Version 12.3 we introduced Tree as a new fundamental construct in the Wolfram Language. In Version 13.0 … »

Thanksgiving Day the Wolfram Way

Published Nov 23, 2022

Thanksgiving is a special day to celebrate family, friends and food. Preparation is key to a safe and delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Wolfram Language can help lower the stress and up the ease of your Thanksgiving Day preparations.

Easy Calculation of Thawing and Cooking Times

Uninvited guests like foodborne bacteria can ruin … »



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