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Solving Knightdoku Challenges the Wolfram Way

Published Apr 1, 2022

Each issue of the Mathematical Association of America’s Math Horizons presents readers with puzzles to solve, and the April 2021 issue included the “Knightdoku” challenge created by David Nacin, a math professor at William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey. In this puzzle, a simple Sudoku-like problem is described based on … »

Bowl a Strike with Wolfram System Modeler

Published Mar 25, 2022

Explore the contents of this article with a free Wolfram System Modeler trial. Bowling is a simple game that consists of a ball, 10 pins and a lane. You take the ball, come to the starting line, aim between pins 1 and 3 and throw the ball. You instinctively assume … »

Classical Ciphers to Digital Signatures Wolfram U Launches New Cryptography Course

Published Mar 17, 2022

Cryptography has been around since time immemorial, and in the modern technological age is an omnipresent, often invisible middleman that helps protect your data. As a field of study, it combines mathematics, computer science, physics and even linguistics. As a tool, it concerns informatics, business, finance, politics, human rights—any sector … »

The Physicalization of Metamathematics and Its Implications for the Foundations of Mathematics

Published Mar 8, 2022

One of the many surprising (and to me, unexpected) implications of our Physics Project is its suggestion of a very deep correspondence between the foundations of physics and mathematics. We might have imagined that physics would have certain laws, and mathematics would have certain theories, and that while they might … »



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