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Wolfram is the company where computation meets knowledge. A leader in scientific and technical innovation, Wolfram continues to build toward a future where sophisticated computation and knowledge-based programming are universally accessible. Combined, the new Wolfram Language, Wolfram Engine and Wolfram Cloud will make possible a computable model of the world—in essence, a global brain. Wolfram is the creator of Mathematica, the world’s foremost technical computing program; Wolfram|Alpha, the widely used computable knowledge engine; and the Computable Document Format (CDF), the interactive core technology behind digital content offerings by all major STEM publishers. Computation. Knowledge. Content. Interaction. Infrastructure.

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Remote Learning, Technology Resources and Opportunities for Educators

Published Apr 1, 2020

With many schools transitioning to remote learning for the remainder of the school year, educators face the challenge of maintaining the same quality of education as in-person lessons. Here’s a collection of the resources offered by Wolfram Research and others to help educators in an e‑learning environment.

Free-to-Use Resources

These … »

What’s New with the Wolfram Documentation Center

Published Mar 30, 2020

The Wolfram Language is the culmination of decades of effort, supporting all our products. One reason the Wolfram Language is so easy to use is the Wolfram Language & System Documentation Center—unique in that it contains reference information along with tens of thousands of examples that can be edited and … »

In Less Than a Year, So Much New: Launching Version 12.1 of Wolfram Language & Mathematica

Published Mar 18, 2020

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Bring the Classroom Home with Free Projects, Computational Explorations and Other Resources

Published Mar 17, 2020

Communities the world over are bracing themselves for impact from the novel coronavirus COVID-19. Many school districts in particular have already suspended sessions for several weeks to come—and understandably, parents and educators feel anxious about navigating at-home learning (among the variety of other concerns brought about by a pandemic!). Professionally, a … »



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