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Live Showcase: Wolfram Technologies for Economics Research and Teaching

January 19 | Online

This three-part presentation showcases the Wolfram Language as a unified solution for economics research and teaching. We will first look at a range of Wolfram Language computations for economics data collection, modeling and visualization. Then, there will be demonstrations about how our interactive notebooks and cloud deployment functionality enable you to distribute interactive handouts and computational essays for students and colleagues to explore. A Q&A session for questions and discussion will be provided at the end of the presentation.

Global Online Event

Free Webinar: Financial Data Retrieval with Forecasting and Analyzing Stock Prices

January 27 | Online

Wolfram Finance Platform allows for multiple approaches to retrieving financial data that include the built-in Wolfram Language function FinancialData; access to Bloomberg, Reuters, SQL, Mongo and SPARQL databases; inbuilt relational databases; online databins; and a two-way connection with Excel. You can also import from over one hundred different file types. Once the data is imported, you can build models that allow you to analyze and forecast stock prices, index returns and evaluate risk using time series econometric methods.

This webinar begins by showing functional programming basics with the Wolfram Language and quickly moves on to the data retrieval workflow using Wolfram Finance Platform, building models and analyzing risk.

Global Online Event

The Math(s) Fix Conference

January 28 | Online

Join the change for a fundamentally renewed maths education to power our societies for the AI age at the Math(s) Fix Conference on January 28, 2021.

This is the first worldwide conference to bring together thought leaders, practitioners, employers and policymakers in mapping out a path to achieving widespread computational literacy and advanced computational thinking across the world. Because this is online, participants will be from many countries, organizations and viewpoints.