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Live Showcase: Wolfram Technologies for Theoretical and Experimental Physics

December 2 | Online

This live showcase will demonstrate various Wolfram technologies that can be used to help with the maths-based area of theoretical physics and the practical applications required for experimental physics. This webinar is intended for students and faculty members to help them use Mathematica and the Wolfram Language in their study, research and teaching. Please register to secure your place.

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Study Group Series: Biodiversity Explorations with Machine Learning

December 7–11 | Online

Topics include functions to access biodiversity data, examples of classification, text analysis in social media, audio processing of bird sounds and deploying a trained neural network image classifier to your mobile phone. A certificate of program completion will be awarded to participants who attend online sessions and pass a quiz.

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Wolfram Virtual Conference JAPAN 2020

December 1–2 | Online

This event will be hosted in Japanese

The Wolfram Virtual Conference JAPAN 2020 will be held online. This virtual conference will showcase a wide range of Wolfram’s innovative technologies that can be used in data science, research (R&D) and online education, including the analysis of COVID-19–related data and geostatistical data and the visualization of molecular structures. You can also see application examples by two users in the areas of medical data analysis and software engineering. Anyone who uses Mathematica or hasn’t used it yet can participate. This is a free online event, but registration is required.