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Data Science Is More than Just Statistics Online Talk

July 8 | Online

Much of the focus in data science tends to be the application of traditional statistics techniques in more automated ways. This talk will discuss how this automation now makes it possible for data scientists to apply much more sophisticated computation to their data to achieve deeper insights and derive more value from the data. Computational techniques originally developed for science and engineering applications can often be applied, in sometimes surprising ways, to big data applications. During the talk, we’ll see how techniques from machine learning to image processing to signal processing are now easy to apply. Join us online for free!

Global Online Event

Making Predictions from Financial Data Webinar

July 13 | Online

Join us at this free webinar, introducing key elements of creating innovative machine learning–driven predictions trained on market data. The Wolfram Language will be used throughout the presentations so that you can focus on high-level concepts rather than computational details. Places are limited, please register via the link.

18:30 Intro
18:35 Talk 1 + Q&A: Zero to Neural Networks by Jon McLoone
19:15 Talk 2 + Q&A: Computing with Bloomberg Data in the Wolfram Language by Mark Braithwaite

Global Online Event

Wolfram Summer School

June 28–July 17 | Online

A unique educational and career opportunity. Explore and create projects at the frontiers of science, technology and innovation. Learn how to apply Wolfram’s unique approach to creating ideas and turning them into research, products and companies.

Global Online Event

Wolfram High School Summer Camp

July 5–18 | Online

A project-oriented camp for high-school students, introducing them to cutting-edge programming, computational thinking and innovative technology. The camp is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurial and STEM-minded high-school students to learn how to develop and explore science and technology.

United Kingdom

AI Live: No Experience Required Evening Talk

November 18 | London, UK

This fast-paced, interactive and example-driven exploration will showcase the AI capabilities of the Wolfram Language. This presentation will demonstrate how sophisticated AI tools can be rapidly developed and deployed to extract new insights from your data and improve decision making.

This is a free workshop at Microsoft Reactor London, but your registration is required to secure your space.