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Wolfram is the company where computation meets knowledge. A leader in scientific and technical innovation, Wolfram continues to build toward a future where sophisticated computation and knowledge-based programming are universally accessible. Combined, the new Wolfram Language, Wolfram Engine and Wolfram Cloud will make possible a computable model of the world—in essence, a global brain. Wolfram is the creator of Mathematica, the world’s foremost technical computing program; Wolfram|Alpha, the widely used computable knowledge engine; and the Computable Document Format (CDF), the interactive core technology behind digital content offerings by all major STEM publishers. Computation. Knowledge. Content. Interaction. Infrastructure.

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What Is a Computational Essay?

Published Nov 14, 2017

A Powerful Way to Express Ideas

People are used to producing prose—and sometimes pictures—to express themselves. But in the modern age of computation, something new has become possible that I’d like to call the computational essay. I’ve been working on building the technology to support computational essays for several decades, … »

Limits without Limits in Version 11.2

Published Nov 9, 2017

Here are 10 terms in a sequence: And here’s what their numerical values are: But what is the limit of the sequence? What would one get if one continued the sequence forever? In Mathematica and the Wolfram Language, there’s a function to compute that: Limits are a central concept in many areas, including number … »

What Can You Say in One Line of the Wolfram Language? The 2017 One-Liner Competition

Published Nov 8, 2017

The One-Liner Competition is a tradition at our annual Wolfram Technology Conference, which took place at our headquarters in Champaign, Illinois, two weeks ago. We challenge attendees to show us the most impressive effects they can achieve with 128 characters or fewer of Wolfram Language code. We are never disappointed, … »

From Aircraft to Optics: Wolfram Innovator Awards 2017

Published Nov 2, 2017

As is tradition at the annual Wolfram Technology Conference, we recognize exceptional users and organizations for their innovative usage of our technologies across a variety of disciplines and fields. Nominated candidates undergo a vetting process, and are then evaluated by a panel of experts to determine winners. This year we’re excited … »



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