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Wolfram is the company where computation meets knowledge. A leader in scientific and technical innovation, Wolfram continues to build toward a future where sophisticated computation and knowledge-based programming are universally accessible. Combined, the new Wolfram Language, Wolfram Engine, and Wolfram Cloud will make possible a computable model of the world—in essence, a global brain. Wolfram is the creator of Mathematica, the world’s foremost technical computing program, Wolfram|Alpha, the widely-used computable knowledge engine, and the Computable Document Format (CDF), the interactive core technology behind digital content offerings by all major STEM publishers. Computation. Knowledge. Content. Interaction. Infrastructure.

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2016 Wolfram European Technology Tour Dates and Locations

Published May 26, 2016

Following three years of successful European Wolfram Technology Conferences in Frankfurt, we decided to do things a bit differently this year and bring the conference to you. Over a span of five days from June 6 to 10, we will be running a series of one-day mini conferences in London, Zurich, Berlin, Eindhoven, and Warsaw. …»

An Exact Value for the Planck Constant: Why Reaching It Took 100 Years

Published May 19, 2016

Blog communicated on behalf of Jean-Charles de Borda. Some thoughts for World Metrology Day 2016 Please allow me to introduce myself I’m a man of precision and science I’ve been around for a long, long time Stole many a man’s pound and toise And I was around when Louis XVI Had his moment of doubt …»

New Derivatives of the Bessel Functions Have Been Discovered with the Help of the Wolfram Language!

Published May 16, 2016

Nearly two hundred years after Friedrich Bessel introduced his eponymous functions, expressions for their derivatives with respect to parameters, valid over the double complex plane, have been found. In this blog we will show and briefly discuss some formerly unknown derivatives of special functions (primarily Bessel and related functions), and explore the history and current …»

Special Event: New Wolfram Language Resources for the Classroom

Published May 13, 2016

Earlier this year we launched Wolfram Programming Lab as the place to start learning the Wolfram Language. And since launch, we’ve received a lot of feedback and support from educators and students interested in using Programming Lab in their classrooms. Programming Lab was conceived and designed with teaching in mind, and to help make Programming …»


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