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Events hosted in English
The Netherlands

Bayes in Action

November 23 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Hosted by Wolfram. This course will be presented in English. Bayesian statistics is making an irreversible global push in all conceivable areas. Despite the simplicity of the formula, Bayesian statistics is complex—so complex that it could barely be applied until recently, thanks to the power of Mathematica.

Global Online Event

Systems Modeling Essentials with SystemModeler

December 5 | Online

This free online event demonstrates essential modeling concepts using the Wolfram SystemModeler environment. Join Wolfram MathCore CEO Jan Brugård, along with software and applications engineers, for presentations that introduce Wolfram SystemModeler, drag-and-drop modeling and what’s new in the latest version.


Warsaw Mathematica Day

December 9 | Warsaw, Poland

Explore how computation can empower you and your organization in research, development and deployment.

The Netherlands

Mathematica Basic Principles I

December 13 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Offered by CANdiensten. This free, in-depth course, presented in English, is especially of interest for existing Mathematica users. They will gain a profound understanding of and insight into the general structure of Mathematica.

The Netherlands

Mathematica Basic Principles II

December 14 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Offered by CANdiensten. This free course partly builds upon the Mathematica Basic Principles I training. The training expands further on the structure of Mathematica expressions and ways to manipulate them, associations, functions defined using underscores and pure (or anonymous) functions.

The Netherlands

Programming with Mathematica

December 19 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Offered by CANdiensten. This free course, presented in English, is for those who have a basic familiarity with Mathematica. It addresses efficiency, expression structure and output speed. Introductory-level skills in any computer programming language are recommended.

Events hosted in other languages

Wolfram Webinar: Die Wolfram-Lösung für das Financial Risk Management

November 30

This event will be hosted in German

Dieses Webinar gibt einen Einblick in die Anwendung von Mathematica im Finanzwesen und zeigt Ausschnitte des breiten Spektrums der spezialisierten finanztechnischen Funktionen. Es wird gezeigt, wie automatische Reports und interaktive Diagramme zur schnellen Auswertung und Weitergabe von Ergebnissen erstellt werden können.


Wolfram Webinar: Arbeiten mit der Wolfram Workbench

December 7 | Online

This event will be hosted in German

Dieses Webinar befasst sich mit der Wolfram Workbench. Hiebei zeigt der Referent, wie man diese installiert, konfiguriert und damit arbeitet. Zusätzlich werden dem Anwender Tipps und Tricks sowie weitreichende Ideen zur Hand gegeben.


2017年12月12日(火),「Wolfram コンファレンス 2017 JIKEI」が開催されます

December 12 | Tokoyo, Japan

This event will be hosted in Japanese

機械学習,ビッグデータの解析と処理,Wolfram Cloudでのクラウド配備等,Wolframテクノロジーによって可能になった技術と多数の応用例について,初心者の方にもエキスパートの方にも役立つセッションをご用意しています.このコンファレンスは東京慈恵会医科大学との共催です.参加費は無料で,どなたでもご参加になれますが,お席には限りがございますのでお早めにご登録ください.