Upcoming Worldwide Events

Mathematica 10 Spikey

MoSAIC Festival: Exploring Logo Designs Interactively

November 21 | Champaign, IL, USA

See Wolfram’s Chris Carlson present his talk, “Exploring Logo Designs Interactively,” at the University of Illinois MoSAIC Festival on November 21, 2014! The MoSAIC Festival is a mini-conference celebrating the mathematics of science, art, industry, and culture, and is open to the public. Activities are designed for students 6th grade and above, but will be fun for kids of all ages.

The Netherlands

Introduction to Mathematica

November 25 | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Offered by CAN. This free, in-depth course, presented in English, is for anyone who would like to become a proficient Mathematica user. It is helpful for people with little Mathematica experience as well as for experienced users who would like to broaden their basic understanding of the system, as it gives insight into the fundamentals and the structure of Mathematica to help bring giant leaps in ability.


Wolfram Technology Seminar, Austria

November 26 | Vienna, Austria

Curious about Mathematica 10 or the latest technologies and products of Wolfram Research? Join our experts at this free seminar where they will discuss Mathematica 10, SystemModeler 4, Wolfram Programming Cloud, and Mathematica Online. All presentations will be in German.

The Netherlands

Programming with Mathematica

December 9 | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Offered by CAN. This free course, presented in English, is for those who have a basic familiarity with Mathematica. It addresses efficiency, expression structure, and output speed. Introductory-level skills in any computer programming language are recommended.

United States

IEEE Conference on Decision and Control

December 15–17 | Los Angeles, CA, USA

Wolfram will be exhibiting at IEEE-CDC. Stop by our booth to get your questions answered, learn about what’s new, or just to say hello! (Note: We don’t have a booth number yet.)

Japan Flag

Wolfram コンファレンス 2014 大阪

December 17 | 大阪

Mathematica 10やWolfram SystemModeler 4日本語版などの最新のWolframテクノロジーを
ご紹介します.また Mathematica ユーザによる講演も予定されています.

Japan Flag

Wolfram コンファレンス 2014 東京

December 20 | 東京

Mathematica 10やWolfram SystemModeler 4日本語版などの最新のWolframテクノロジーを
ご紹介します.また Mathematica ユーザによる講演も予定されています.

Mathematica 10 Spikey

12th International Mathematica Symposium (IMS)

January 12–14 | Prague, Czech Republic

The International Mathematica Symposium is an interdisciplinary conference for and by users of Mathematica in the physical and life sciences, mathematics, engineering, graphics and design, arts and music, education, industry, finance, and commerce.

If you use Mathematica in research or teaching, or if you have developed or are developing products based on Mathematica, then IMS is an opportunity to share your results with like-minded colleagues. IMS has built up a deserved reputation as an exceptionally convivial and friendly gathering.

European Wolfram Technology Conference

European Wolfram Technology Conference 2015

June 2–3 | Frankfurt, Germany

We are, once again, returning to the amazing venue of the Radisson Blu in Frankfurt to bring our Wolfram experts, technology strategists, and computation enthusiasts together for this two-day, two-stream conference. You will get insight into our upcoming technologies and meet like-minded professionals. After the great successes of 2013 and 2014, we are very excited to see you all there once more.