Wolfram Announcements


Apply Now for the 15th Annual Wolfram Summer School

Published March 22, 2017

This year's Wolfram Summer School will be held at Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts, from June 18 to July 7, 2017.»


Wolfram Language 11.1 Is Now Available in the Wolfram Cloud

Published March 13, 2017

Wolfram Language Version 11.1 is now available through the Wolfram Cloud. »


Meet the Authors of Hands-on Start to Wolfram Mathematica, Second Edition

Published January 24, 2017

To celebrate the release of Hands-on Start to Wolfram Mathematica and Programming with the Wolfram Language (HOS2), now in its second edition, I sat down with the authors. »


Announcing the Fast Introduction for Math Students

Published December 12, 2016

Specifically designed for non-programmers, the new Fast Introduction for Math Students gives a brief overview of useful Wolfram Language functions in a number of mathematical subjects—from basic to advanced—and offers tips for making interactive models and professional presentations.»


Launching Wolfram Player for iOS

Published November 17, 2016

It's been a long road. To some degree, we've been working on a Wolfram notebook front end for iOS for about six years now. And in the process, we've learned a lot about notebook front ends, a thing we already knew a lot about. Let's rewind the tape a bit and review.»


Computational Law, Symbolic Discourse and the AI Constitution

Published October 12, 2016

Gottfried Leibniz—who died 300 years ago this November—worked on many things. But a theme that recurred throughout his life was the goal of turning human law into an exercise in computation.»


Mathematica 11 Is Now Available

Published August 8, 2016

We are pleased to announce that Mathematica 11 has arrived, with over 500 new functions! Continuing on the path of aggressive innovation that Stephen Wolfram first embarked on 30 years ago, Version 11 embraces new areas of modern technology and introduces cutting-edge functionality to match. »