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Mathematica 10

Mathematica 10.2 Is Now Available

Published July 14, 2015

Unequaled core Wolfram Language capabilities—enhanced by over 100 new functions—plus increasing cloud operations and connectivity to external data and services make Mathematica 10.2 a must-have upgrade. See the highlights.»


Strong Interest in Wolfram|Alpha Seen at Tokyo Event

Published May 20, 2015

Following the successful Mathematica and Wolfram technology events in Japan in 2014, Wolfram Research Asia Ltd. organized a Wolfram|Alpha event on April 28, 2015. Hundreds of audience members packed into the lecture hall at Tokyo Institute of Technology (TiTech) to see the talks by Noriko Yasui, a Wolfram|Alpha developer, and Dr. Kenji Yoshida, a math teacher at Waseda University High School. Wolfram organized the event together with TiTech and the Institute of Molecular Sciences (IMS) on the occasion of Yasui's visit to Japan. »


Wolfram Language Artificial Intelligence: The Image Identification Project

Published May 13, 2015

“What is this a picture of?” Humans can usually answer such questions instantly, but in the past it’s always seemed out of reach for computers to do this. For nearly 40 years I’ve been sure computers would eventually get there—but I’ve wondered when.»


Instant Apps for the Apple Watch with the Wolfram Language

Published April 28, 2015

What can one do with the Wolfram Language on the Apple Watch? A few days ago, Stephen Wolfram decided to find out. So he cleared his schedule for the day and started writing code. Find out what he was able to do with the Wolfram Language, Wolfram Programming Cloud, and the preliminary version of the Wolfram Cloud app.»


Wolfram Language 10.1 Available in the Wolfram Cloud

Published April 17, 2015

Version 10.1 of the Wolfram Language continues to roll out across the Wolfram product family, and is now available in the Wolfram Cloud. Subscribe for free access to Wolfram Programming Cloud and try it out for yourself!»

Cloud Optimization Icon

Scientific Bug Hunting in the Cloud: An Unexpected CEO Adventure

Published April 16, 2015

Thanks to a little "scientific debugging" on the part of our CEO, the Wolfram Cloud is closer to moving out of beta and into full production. Read about Stephen Wolfram's adventure in the cloud.»

Colleges and Teach Universities

New Wolfram Student Ambassador Program

Published April 15, 2015

The Wolfram Student Ambassador Program provides a unique new opportunity for exemplary students to boost their resumé credentials, tech career, and fun quotient while acting as the face of Wolfram at their universities. Find out how to join.»

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