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Wolfram Finance Platform 2.1 Is Now Available

Published September 17, 2015

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Wolfram Finance Platform 2.1. This new version now includes fully automated fitting and diagnostics across the full suite of time series processes and adds several major new areas. Expanding on the already extensive random process framework, it's easy to forecast market volatility, analyze correlation in data series, and test hypotheses about market dynamics. See what's new on the website.»

Mathematica 10

Mathematica 10.2 Simplified Chinese Edition Is Now Available

Published September 16, 2015

Mathematica 10.2 Simplified Chinese Edition is a fully localized version of Mathematica 10.2 and includes all new features of 10.0, 10.1, and 10.2. The entire Mathematica interface has been carefully translated by technical professionals who have had years of experience with the Mathematica system. Wolfram Language documentation is available in Simplified Chinese and can be accessed directly from Wolfram Cloud products. To learn more about the Wolfram Language, visit the Documentation Center. For a complete list of new features and enhancements, including multiple undo, see what's new in Mathematica 10. Additional information about this upgrade is available here.»


Releasing the OPCClassic Library

Published August 27, 2015

Wolfram MathCore is pleased to introduce the OPCClassic library for Wolfram SystemModeler. The OPC (Object Linking and Embedding for Process Control) library contains a full set of components for connecting to physical systems using the OPC Classic standard. The library makes it possible to connect to one or more OPC servers, and thereby your real-world processes. The OPC standard has been developed by industry and the OPC Foundation just for that purpose. OPC is a set of data transfer standards for multi-vendor, multi-platform, secure, and reliable interoperability in industrial automation. To learn more, visit the SystemModeler Library Store.»

Mathematica 10

Mathematica 10.2 Japanese Edition is Now Available

Published August 18, 2015

Mathematica 10.2 Japanese Edition is a fully localized version of Mathematica 10.2 that is available for the Japanese market. It provides a fully localized user interface and completely translated Wolfram Language documents for Mathematica 10.2. In addition to making this product available, Wolfram Language documents on the web (reference.wolfram.com) are now available in Japanese, and these Japanese documents can be accessed directly from Wolfram Cloud products.»

Mathematica 10

Mathematica 10.2 Is Now Available

Published July 14, 2015

Unequaled core Wolfram Language capabilities—enhanced by over 100 new functions—plus increasing cloud operations and connectivity to external data and services make Mathematica 10.2 a must-have upgrade. See the highlights.»


Strong Interest in Wolfram|Alpha Seen at Tokyo Event

Published May 20, 2015

Following the successful Mathematica and Wolfram technology events in Japan in 2014, Wolfram Research Asia Ltd. organized a Wolfram|Alpha event on April 28, 2015. Hundreds of audience members packed into the lecture hall at Tokyo Institute of Technology (TiTech) to see the talks by Noriko Yasui, a Wolfram|Alpha developer, and Dr. Kenji Yoshida, a math teacher at Waseda University High School. Wolfram organized the event together with TiTech and the Institute of Molecular Sciences (IMS) on the occasion of Yasui's visit to Japan. »


Wolfram Language Artificial Intelligence: The Image Identification Project

Published May 13, 2015

“What is this a picture of?” Humans can usually answer such questions instantly, but in the past it’s always seemed out of reach for computers to do this. For nearly 40 years I’ve been sure computers would eventually get there—but I’ve wondered when.»

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